Dear Mother/Father, God of Heaven and Earth, We come to you in prayer, each in our own way, with hearts open to your love. We are gathered in your beautiful church, Emmanuel, on this rock by your waters of the Salish Sea.
Lord, we are grateful for the gift of your abundant blessings, for this open house of worship, and our Orcas Island community.
As we come together, we are strengthened by the power of sharing your love. We pray for Gregory, our Presiding Bishop, Berto and Hugh our priests, Father Murray, our visiting priest, our Vestry, o?ce administrators and the people of Emmanuel who o?er themselves in service.
May they be nourished and guided by Your love and grace.
Bless all priests, that your will is in their hearts, and those who hear them will be inspired to serve others.
Lord, as we read the lessons of the Bible, we pray for the voices of your churches around the world, to bring Your peace to our world in need.
Lord, we are grateful for the earth, sky, sea, animals, plants and the balance of nature in your interdependent world.
Lord, teach us how to be conscious and active stewards to preserve your creation.
We pray for your powerful peace in this time of fear and grave concerns. We pray for the refugees, for people who su?er and struggle, both here and in nations under terror and attack.
Lord, we are created equally in your sight. We pray for the homeless, hungry, sick, and those living in fear or danger. You are the answer we are hungry for.
We ask your peace and healing for the needs of each of us. We pray silently or aloud for those in our hearts, (… pause…) those known to you, and those we name here:. Lord, you are the healer of our hearts, wounds and fears. Hear our prayer.
We pray for the people of United States, for our elected leaders, representatives, the President, and all world leaders, that they may ?nd their own peace, to do your will for others.
Lord, we pray you will guide their hearts and minds and choices, that equality and Human Rights be observed in every land, with freedom from discrimination and persecution.
We pray for those who have passed from our sight, especially Ginny Lu Wood. May they be joyful in your kingdom in the company of angels and archangels.
We celebrate their place with you, Lord.
Presider: We come to you in prayer, Lord, each in our own way. We are grateful for each person here today, in this community of our Holy time together. Lead us in service with our minds, hearts and actions, and bring us the joy of following our Savior and teacher, Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray. Amen.