Lector: Oh Holy Father-Mother-Creator-Source of all Being, one with all that is, ever was and ever will be. Great is the majesty and wonder of creation. We can but contemplate a fraction of the splendor that is your all-pervasive divinity, your light that is brighter than a thousand suns, your magnificence that floods the universe with creative ecstasy. You are indeed the light of the world, from which all things come.
In our dim understanding we wait like a watchman for the morning. We pray to know you well and truly.

We are so deeply grateful for all your blessings, especially those brought to us by our priests, Berto and Hugh, and by our visiting priest, Father Murray, whom we welcome with true delight. We also are thankful for the continued blessing and guidance of spiritual leaders everywhere.
Please protect them from harm and support them in their service.
May all hear your voice and follow the path that serves the world’s people with truth and justice.

We ask blessings on the leaders of governments everywhere. May the dialogues in North Korea with Donald and Kim serve the needs of our people and the world. May all involved surrender to the grace of compassionate wisdom that flows freely for those who would heed.
May all hear your voice and follow the path that serves the world’s people with truth and justice.

We are especially thankful for teachers who have guided our school children to gradation with imagination, care, and knowledge.
May teachers everywhere follow the path that serves the world’s people with truth and justice.

May the students graduating from different schools take pride in the new landmark of their achievement and move forward with joy and enthusiasm to the next piece of their journey.
May they hear your voice and follow the path that serves the world sustainably and with peace and justice, for in the young resides our hope and the tomorrow of our troubled world.

May we, like St. Barnabas, your faithful scribe, be true to your teachings in thought, word, and deed. Let us not tolerate artificial divisions and barriers among ourselves. Let us step lightly and forgive easily. Let us reach out joyously celebrating the good that surrounds us as we honor the web of our connectedness as your children. Let us not lose heart, let us know that our afflictions are momentary, while our life with you is eternal.
We trust in your promise of glory beyond all measure and see it echoed in the beauty that surrounds us here in our island home.

Let us pray now for those in our community in particular need of prayer on our Parish Prayer List, including … May it please you to be especially present with them, and also with those we now name: (a moment of silence).
We thank you, beloved Creator, for your attention to these special needs and requests.

We would also at this time like to offer prayers for those suffering from the effects of volcanos and other natural disasters, as well as on-going wars. (silence)

Presider: Thank you for hearing these prayers, oh Holy Creator. You alone know what is best. Help us to keep our hearts open to your gentle urging that we may be made worthy of the promises of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever as the Christed Consciousness which illuminates our being. Amen.