Dear God of creation and salvation, we open our hearts to you in prayer. For your churches of many names throughout the world, may they be the instruments of your Holy Spirit to serve others and speak for peace and preservation of your earthly creation. Lord of Power and Might, we pray for your peace in our hearts and the world.

Bless all who serve you through Emmanuel, our open church, Father Berto, Father Hugh, the vestry, the hands who prepare food many times, and all those who serve here in our mission. Lord of Power and Might, we pray for your guidance in our service to the Orcas community and beyond.

We are all your children. We pray for peace in our hearts and the world. Bless these United States, for those who serve us in government, for courage in their judgment to do the right thing for the highest good. We pray for our President, our elected o?cials, for our election process, and those who make decisions for this country and the world. We pray for your hand to be on their hearts and minds for service to all people. Lord of Power and Might, make us leaders for peace in the world, with equality for all.

We pray for the victims of violence in the United States, Syria, South Sudan, and throughout the world. Please bless and renew all those who care for others, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord of Power and Might, we put our trust and faith in you.

We pray for the victims of hurricanes, ?ooding, and ?res, and for the safety of all ?rst responders, ?re ?ghters, medics, police, and volunteers, who put their lives at risk to save and serve us in emergencies throughout the country, and the world. Lord of Power and Might, protect and sustain these men and women in their call to service, and all who serve for the good of others.

Comfort prisoners and captives, the hungry and homeless, and all who su?er in body, mind or spirit. Bless each one as you know their needs. Bless those we pray for now, either silently or aloud, (…pause…) and especially those on our prayer list today:  Lord of Power and Might, bring faith and hope to all who need your compassion and protection.

We pray for your gift of the natural world we depend on: clean air and water, the forests which cleanse our air, the oceans, ice caps and mountains, the animal kingdom we can learn from. We pray to keep them as you intend. Lord of Power and Might, give all nations the wisdom and will to conserve this good earth, for our survival, and to your honor. F

or those who have died. May they be joyfully shining in your heavenly light. Lord of Power and Might, be with our loved ones, and bathe our hearts with your peace.

Presider: Lord of Power and Might, nourish us with your eternal goodness. We are blessed and grateful to be here today in this gathering of your love. Keep us ?lled with your message of love, service and forgiveness, as brought by your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.