Lector: Oh Great Mystery, Love beyond love, Sacred Heart of all that is…Let us reclaim the name of your son Jesus who walked with us on this earth. In his redemptive love help us to enact the things He taught in thought, word, and deed.
Let our mouths be filled with laughter, our tongues with shouts of joy.

Let us pray with grateful hearts for the continued guidance and well-being of our priests, Berto and Hugh, Greg our Bishop, and Michael our Presiding Bishop, and all those who shepherd others in the path of righteousness, faith, and justice in every corner of the world.
May their flocks be abundant, healthy, and happy.

We pray fervently for the leaders of the world that they might yearn to become true servers of the poor and oppressed. May they be renewed and restored with the idealism that comes with seeing we are all children of God, regardless of race or creed.
May they find fulfillment in selfless service to others.

We ask blessings for those in our parish who will soon be meeting in pilgrimage in France. May they return to us safely and full of fascinating stories.
May the labyrinth of their journey be fulfilling and inspiring.

We pray for the ongoing work of the Agape Team and thank their members for their kindness in assisting our fellow parishoners, each according to her or his capacities.
May they and we become conductors of your unselfish love.

Help us to be faithful to you both in prayer and in practical life. Let us renew the charge of our daily prayer for peace throughout the world. Let the weak and downtrodden be free of persecution. Help us find ways to be more effective in reducing famine and pestilence. Let us pray especially for those imprisoned, whether by slavery, warfare or other causes. Let us pray for those who terrorize as well as those who are terrorized. Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.
May all be truly free of suffering in the knowledge of your abiding love.

We pray for all those in our community who may have special concerns and for those in need of shelter, healing, employment or any other kind of assistance. And we pray for those on our parish prayer list, most especially (…..) as well as those not listed here. (Take a moment to say their names, silently or aloud) We pray also for those who are recently bereaved, both in our Parish, and in the larger world.
May all broken hearts find comfort and peace.

Presider: Oh Almighty Mystery, Creator of All–Thank you for hearing our prayer. We rest in the knowledge that you can do great things for us, both in this world and the next. We thank you for the abundant blessings that we enjoy: clean air and water, and a loving community. Help us to uphold what is best about ourselves and share it freely that others might be so blessed. And help us to walk in balance on this Mother Earth, and care for all her creatures with loving compassion.