Lector: Dear God—What is going on with your planet and your children? Fires, hurricanes, floods and famine. Wars and addictions and abuses of all kinds–abuses to children, to the helpless, to animals, to the very earth itself. Senseless and repeated shootings in widespread areas. Religious persecution. Unrelenting self-importance. God, lately it seems that it’s one step forward and two steps backward. Our selfishness and greed as human beings in an affluent society seems unparalleled at this time. But it’s a paradox, isn’t it? We have much to celebrate here on Orcas Island. We live in a beautiful place. We have a lovely community. We have every opportunity to become a microcosmic flutter of influence for positive change that could be felt to the far reaches of the world. Therefore, let us not despair even as we face personal as well as global challenges. Let us pray with all our hearts that with body, mind, and spirit we may find ways to help restore balance to your creation as well as within our own lives.
May we act and pray with full hearts.

We are truly grateful for the gift of living on this protected island. We thank you and pray for the continued guidance and well-being of our beloved priests, Berto and Hugh. And we welcome Berto on his safe return and are thankful to greet all our fellow parish members who travelled to the shrine of Mary Magdalene in France. We wish them all good health and joy and look forward to hearing of their journeys.
Hear our welcoming prayer.

We pray also for our Bishop, Gregory, our Archbishop Michael, and for spiritual leaders through the world, that they listen deeply to one another and respond with inclusive compassion to the spiritual needs of their flocks. And help us to listen carefully as well, that we may discern your true intent and fulfill your teachings.
God hear our prayer.

We ask blessings and wisdom for everyone in positions of leadership, in the political arenas throughout the world. Help them to work together to benefit all living beings and this beautiful Mother Earth.
God hear our prayer.

We pray for our fellow congregants in our greater Episcopalian province who have been affected by fires in Northern California, notably the parishes of St. Nicholas in Paradise, and St. John in Chico. Help us, dear Creator, to find ways to be useful to them and to relieve their loss and disorientation.
God hear our prayer.

We pray for those in our parish in need of healing in any way, in body, mind, and spirit, and for those whom we now name: … Please take a few moments now to add anyone in special need of prayer, silently or aloud. (…Pause….) We pray also for the bereaved and for the souls whom they mourn. Be especially with the van Gelder family as they mourn Ian’s passage.
God, hear our prayer.

Presider: You have said that we will sit on your throne forevermore if we keep your covenant. And you have reminded us that your kingdom is not of this world. Therefore, we must be mindful that, as in the Old Testament, we of the newer days are continually tested. Help us to learn from our mistakes and to find the way forward so that all might be blessed, all might have food for body and soul, and all might live in harmony, through the promise of Christ the King, now and forever. Amen.