Lector:  Oh dear Creator, it is less than two days before we celebrate the birth of the Saviour . How we look forward to this expression of innocence and hope and family.  You are indeed the light of the world, shining brightly in the darkness. And despite the liturgical brightness  of the season, the cloak of darkness falls heavily on the shoulders of many who remember or experience anew life’s losses and disappointments. 

All:  May all souls, no matter how tattered,  magnify the wonder of Christed Consciousness.. 

Dear Creator,  despite our troubles and concerns we have much to be thankful for.  We are deeply grateful for all our leaders and all those who do their best to unify people and causes that serve the common good.  May they be inspired by divine love to do all in their power to heal our troubled earth.

All:  Let their souls magnify the wonder of the Christed Consciousness.

Leader: We are especially thankful for the leaders of our faith community, Michael our Archbishop, Greg our Bishop, and our priests Berto and Hugh,  and all the celebrants here at Emmanuel. Their patient guidance does much to unify our Emmanuel Community and  to inspire and assist our larger community, both on our island and in the world.  May their ministries continue to thrive and benefit all with whom they come in contact.

All: Let their souls magnify the wonder of the Christed Consciousness.

Leader: We wish also to express our gratitude to all those involved in creating music and special liturgies, those responsible for care and decoration of the altar  within our worship community, and all those who prepare and serve food for the larger population as well as our other church functions. 

All: May we all magnify the wonder of the Christed Consciousness in everything we do, within and without our Emmanuel community.

Leader: We pray fervently for all those who are suffering from afflictions of mind, body, and spirit, including the victims of war, of fire and other disasters, of neglect, of lack of compassion, or any trouble, especially the alienation that separates some from the currents of love that support all of existence.

We are especially prayerful on behalf of immigrant and war-torn families who are separated from one another in this time so sacred to family.

All:  May all find solace in their spiritual families bound together in Christed Consciousness.

Leader:  Holy One, many creatures live on this beautiful earth.  Let us be faithful stewards of all the beings on this planet.  Help us to discover new ways to live here in harmony and balance, causing harm to no one. 

All: Help us to see that all of creation reflects the wonder of the Christed Consciousness.

Leader:  Many of the people in our parish have asked that we pray together, as a faith community, for their intentions, as well as for any unstated concerns that may be present.  In our collective voice we  ask especially for help and healing for these members of our church:     

Let us take a few moments to mention silently or aloud any particular intentions we may have. (Take a minute or two.)

We ask also prayers for the families of departed parishioners and others in the community.May the certain promise of the rising star in the east fill the hearts of those who mourn and those who have departed.  

Again and again we thank you for your many gifts to all of us.  May we share them freely as a part of your divine plan.

All:  Help us all to fully recognize our true role as participants within the compassionate Body of Christ.

Presiderr:  Dear Beloved, please inspire  our prayers with the calm certainty that the wonderful story we tell every year is true beyond the purview of simple facts; let us cherish every glimmer of light and do all we an to extend the peace and wonder of the season to others.  Let us all find ways to nurture the tiniest seeds of wonder, that they may take root and thrive in every heart, growing to a new effulgence of compassion and kindness. Oh Heavenly God,  hear these prayers and teach us, like Mary, to be open to the grace of Spirit illuminating all that we do, as we move forward in recognizing and fulfilling your great Promise. AMEN