Lector: Precious Lord, in this season of Epiphany, guide the nations of the world to your light, that they might proclaim peace for all peoples. In Christ, we pray.

Precious Lord, we have seen your star. Set your church on the path of loving-kindness, your purpose for us on earth. In Christ, we pray.

Precious Lord, let the leaders of our great nation ?nd wisdom in the brightness of your dawn. Inspire them in compassion for all people, particularly those in need of shelter, food, work, safety, health and justice. In Christ, we pray.

Precious Lord, give us ears to hear the poor who cry out in distress and the oppressed who have no helpers. Guide us in compassion toward the needy in the world. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord, we love not only the mountains and the little hills of the earth, but also its skies and seas and all creatures who swim, ?y, and crawl upon the earth. Inspire us to loving care for your creation. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord, shine your light into the darkness of our human lives. Light up our shadows. Heal us from sickness and injury. Be with those who su?er grief and worry. Bend with love and mercy toward the beloved we now name, silently and aloud (pause), especially those on our parish prayer list: In Christ we pray.

Presider: We lift up our eyes. We thrill to your light. We rejoice in your goodness. Amen.