Lector:  Dear Creator – we are your people, the People of the Book.  We celebrate the progression of the story of your son, Jesus the Christ, through each year, awakening anew the joy and hope that the shepherds and angels celebrated on the night of your birth. Today we remember another celebration in the marriage feast and your first public miracle of record.  You told us to be joyful, to celebrate marriage and love (and to do what our mothers ask of us). As your story unfolds throughout our liturgical year we will visit anew some of  your other teachings, and look afresh at the significance of your life within our own. 

We cherish your story and join you on your journey as bride to bridegroom.

We have so much to be grateful for: in the great story that you have given, we can find answers and guidance again and again.  

We thank  you with all our hearts for these and many other blessings.

 We pray for the health and well-being of all spiritual leaders throughout the world;  in particular we mention Berto and Hugh our priests, Greg our Bishop, and Michael our Presiding Bishop. We also pray in gratitude and ask special blessings for those who support ministries within our church community, including the Altar Guild, the St. Agnes Guild, the Choir and Music Director and those who organize Brown Bag Concerts, Labyrinth instruction and upkeep, the Dinner Kitchen crew, those who share the responsibility for hospitality following the services, the Garden Gang, the Vestry, the Healing Ministry, the Agape Group , the office staff and volunteers,  the Service Leaders, Sunday School teachers, and many others whose time and intention contribute in unsung ways to our thriving  congregation.

May we all be even more mindful of our many blessings and reach out freely with loving kindness to anyone in need of encouragement or help.

We pray fervently that local, national and world leaders might unite in shared intent, making the world safe for all, restoring her bounty, living wisely and compassionately that all might thrive. 

May they recognize the sacredness of all life and work together to protect this earth and all living creatures.

For those who are ill in body, mind, or spirit, we pray: …  Please take a few moments to add the names of anyone you know who is in particular need of prayer. 

(…pause…)  In addition, we pray for families in need of understanding and resources to live in greater harmony.  For the bereaved, the destitute, the starving, and the forlorn, we ask blessings and a restoration of peace and balance. May children who are suffering find refuge in the shelter of your wings.  We renew our  prayers for people in ongoing difficulties caused by natural disasters throughout the world. (…pause…) Let us resolve to find better ways to reach and empower those in need.

Enfold us in your bountiful love, Beloved, that we may be one with you and live  your truth in all we do, now and forevermore.

Presider:  Dear Beloved Mystery, Great Divine Heart of the Cosmos – Let us be mindful that you are with us, by day and by night. Miracles and wonders explode from your every breath;  you are creator and savior -you created the light, and you are the light, even on the darkest days.  We live to return fully to you, heart and soul.  Let us soar on the wings of spirit as we drink deeply of the wine of your abiding love.  Amen.