Dear God, we pray with gratitude for your constant love. 

We pray for the whole world, in these times of turmoil and violence:         for an end to tyranny and terrorism, for the people of Syria, the fleeing refugees from many nations, the homeless families, the hungry and suffering children. These struggles are difficult for us to comprehend. We pray for peace in the world. You are the way and the light. Let your light shine on all of your children.

We are all equal in your sight. May our hearts shine with the love of Jesus. Compassion and love is the strength and wisdom for the world.

Dear God, As we read the teachings of your son Jesus Christ, bless the churches of the world to speak boldly of Gods love, as that is the pure hearted truth for healing our world in this time of need.

How priceless is your love dear God. Open us to receive it, as we thirst daily. Still our minds to feel your grace.

Dear God, we pray with gratitude for Bishop Gregory, Fr. Berto, Fr. Hugh, Marianne, Karen and Lisa, our Vestry, and the hearts and hands of Emmanuel Parish. We are blessed with this community coming together to support and serve, as Jesus taught us. We find our joy in giving, as we each are able.

Bless and guide our Emmanuel mission of sharing your love in service to others. Keep us in your care. 

Dear God, we pray for the beauty and balance of your abundant natural world which sustains us. Help us act and speak boldly for preserving our earth, air, water and forests. It is urgent for our actions to consciously reflect our gratitude and reverence for your creation. 

Guide us Lord in protecting and understanding your natural order. Teach us the wisdom and the way.

Dear God, we pray for our United States, in this time of distrust, and division. We pray for our government to act in accord with the values of our Constitution: equal human and legal rights for all, freedom of speech for all, and wise stewardship of natural resources. We pray for our President, and elected officials, that they may hear your way, in making right decisions for the welfare of all people and your creation.

 Let each heart know that the power of your grace is the answer, the wisdom and the way. 

Dear God, we pray for the needs of each of us, as you know us Lord, and especially those who struggle with mental health issues, addiction, hunger, homelessness, illness, pain, and those we name here silently and aloud:

How priceless is your love God. Let each heart know your peace, healing, and love. With gratitude we pray.

For the mystery of our after life, we pray that you hold each of us in your eternal love, along with those who have passed before us. Let us hold them with our love.

How priceless is the peace of your love God. With gratitude we pray.

Dear Lord, how priceless is your love. In your light we see light. We are blessed with abundant daily miracles in our lives. We ask each heart to behold your blessings and share them in love. May we each use our gifts of the Spirit, given to us for the common good. We pray in the name of Our Savior Jesus Christ, the light of the world. AMEN