Lector: Dear Creator—Lent has hardly begun and you have given us a holiday, an occasion to celebrate the feast day of Patrick, whose footsteps took him all over Ireland very early in the history of your Church.  Like us, Patrick did not know the historical Jesus, yet he was inflamed by love and loyalty to represent your son’s teaching and example.  May we, like Patrick, drive out the snakes of our self-deception and become ever more stalwart in our resolutions on our Lenten journey. 

Lead us on a level path, Lord, that we do not falter, yet let us sing and be joyous on days of celebration.

Dear Creator–We are so thankful for the spiritual guidance that you bring us:, notably  our Right Reverend Gregory, our Presiding Bishop,  Michael, and our parish priests, Berto and Hugh.  May they and spiritual mentors throughout the world continue to exemplify the teachings of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May they be blessed by seeing your face in all that they do.

We pray for political leaders of every persuasion, especially our Governor, Jay, our President Donald, and all the governmental bodies that concern them, both here and abroad.  The purveyors of deception and confusion seem bent upon dividing peoples in every land, including our own, often justifying themselves in your name. We pray fervently that hearts may be opened and false witness silenced, so all might act in the common good, in mutual trust and respect.

May they have eyes to see and ears to hear, and the wisdom and courage to be truthful and selfless in working for the benefit  of all creation.

Creator—You sent your son, Jesus Christ, to live among us, and to teach great love and compassion for one another and for the entire creation.  We struggle to live that love as you would want us to.  Please help us to find better ways to help all those in need, and to care for the beautiful earth we live on. We pray especially  for the shut-ins and housebound, the addicted, the homeless, the under-employed, the abusers and the abused, the victims of war, natural disaster and other adversity, and wish to express our gratitude and support for all those who address these issues directly.   

 We would like now to pray for those in our circle of care who have expressed a particular need of prayer, including: .

Take a moment to add any other names,  silently or aloud, which you would like to include here. (Pause.) We pray also for the recently bereaved, and ask that you comfort them.

Gather all those who suffer under your mighty wings, oh Lord, that they may be safe from all adversaries.

 We see your goodness here in the land of the living, and yet enemies of the true teachings of your holy cross continue to arise. Thank you for hearing these prayers, which we lay at your feet knowing that we cannot always understand your will and your ways. We trust with all our hearts that you hear and respond to these appeals

We are your children, and would dwell in your house, now and forever. 

Presider:   May all present, and all those mentioned in these prayers come to experience your enduring light in new and lasting ways.  Amen.