Lector:  Beloved Creator, we thank you for your many gifts:  We are especially grateful for our priests, Berto and Hugh, who model kindness and resiliency on the path of compassionate service.  And we thank  you for our bishop, Greg, and our presiding bishop, Michael, whose reach broadens the compass of our faith, and includes many of the forgotten and under-represented.  We thank you for spiritual leaders known and unknown, whose humane and ethical vision goes beyond cultural boundaries.  

May your  blessings be heaped upon them as they live to benefit others.

We ask for blessings on the leaders of our nation and our state.  May they heed the beacon of wisdom  that cautions all to avoid the rocky shoals of self-interest.  Guide those who seek political office to respond thoughtfully to the challenges our world faces.

May your blessings be heaped upon them as they live to benefit others.  

And we would like to express special thanks to all who in one way or another contributed to the success of Market Day—bringing together  community and visitors in fresh ways, contributing to the needs of many here on Orcas Island through donation of unneeded goods, and monies given in support of non-profits in our community.

May  your blessings be heaped upon them as they live to benefit others.  

Here on our blessed island we share a comfortable climate among ourselves and with guests, though elsewhere much of your planet is beset by sweltering heat and raging floods.  Help us all to cast aside the looming idol of greed that we might better honor  your magnificent creation.  Let us value clarity of mind and generosity of spirit and act according to your highest teachings. 

May your blessings be heaped upon all who hear these words as we reach out to benefit others.

And it is a time of loss for many as well.  We grieve and ask blessings and consolation for families affected by recent shootings,  and for our fellow parishioners who carry the loss of loved ones in their hearts,  especially——.  And we ask comfort and healing for those on our prayer list, particularly (insert prayer list).  We pause here to reflect and pray for others known to us who need extra support at this time—you may say their names silently or aloud (a long pause). Thank you for hearing these prayers.

May all benefit from the peace of knowing your Divine Presence within this great creation.

Presider: Dear Creator, your teachings show us that holding the intention of peace and understanding towards all beings can make a big difference in our world  We ask that all here be of one heart and one mind as these petitions are fulfilled in the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ, now and forever,