Precious Lord of Unconditional Love, We open our hearts to you as we pray in the name of your son, Jesus Christ.

As Jesus prayed for his disciples to know you, and through them for each of us to have faith in you, we open our hearts to receive your love. 

There is no division of people in your love,

Bless the many churches in the world, lead them to service with your Holy Spirit, for we are all one in your love.

We are blessed with the leadership, spiritual teaching and example of Fr. Berto and Fr. Hugh, Bishop Greg and Presiding Bishop Michael.

Keep them in your protection and renew their spirit with your joy. We follow them as examples of faith in you Lord.

Bless our loving Emmanuel church community in our mission of service. We share in love.

Precious Lord, inspire, renew and guide all who serve others, with love for the common good.

It is our reward to give, according to the gifts God has given each of us.

In the current light of fear and suffering in the world, we pray for equality, safety and human rights for all people. 

We pray for the families and communities of shocking random gun violence. Let us do something.

We pray for the people of Ukraine, and for the nations sheltering the refugees from destruction and terror. They seem far away. We care deeply.

Precious Lord, may the winds of your Holy Spirit replace fear with healing and hope, and replace oppression with courage and compassion. 

Lord, bless our earth home, the air above, the waters below, and all creatures great and small, to whom you have given a purpose.

Change our destructive treatment of your earth, from unawareness, to responsible restoration with reverence. 

We pray for those in pain, illness, hunger, depression, addiction, loss, or any kind of suffering, especially those we name here:

Precious Lord, May they know your healing peace and love.

Bless all who have died, and those who hold them dearly.

Precious Lord, Bless each soul who returns to you, may they rejoice in your love. 

In the mystery of life, we seek the spiritual reconnection to our true belonging with you Lord. We find you in nature, in church, in our quietness.

We feel the breath of your spirit in passing moments, from a smile, a hummingbird on a flower, or the sun through the clouds.

Precious Lord, May we each be in the light of your Holy Spirit. We are all one in your love. Thank you for our teacher, Jesus Christ.

In his name we pray, to lead us through our day. Love and Amen.