Prayers of the People return August 6

by Prayers of the People Team

We did a special ceremony to send off our graduating acolytes on Sunday July 23 in place of the Prayers of the People and used a version from the BCP on July 30 as part of our team was unavailable. We expect to return on August 6.

Prayers of the People, July 16

by Prayers of the People Team

Eternal God, we pray for your church, our Bishop Greg, our priests, Berto and Hugh, and all priests, may they speak your word clearly so we may understand it and be your servants in this temporal world. As you God hear our prayer, may we hear the word of the kingdom. Eternal God, we pray […]

Prayers of the People July 9

by Prayers of the People Team

Reader: Oh Exalted One, Holy Blessed Creator of all that is. May all beings come to know the strength and patience and faith that keep us steady on the way to knowing and serving you ever more fully.  May we be inspired by St. Benedict of Nursia’s example, whose feast we celebrate this week. Through […]

Prayers of the People July 2

by Berto Gandara

Lector: Dear Mother, Father God, Lord of All Heaven and Earth, We pray to you with hearts longing to know your peace. We surrender our longing into your hands Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray for your churches throughout the world, in their many forms, that your power and guidance shall inspire […]

Centering Prayer on Vacation

by SKM

Summer is here and so is vacation! Please contact Tom Murdock for more information about the Centering Prayer schedule.  

Prayers of the People, June 25

by Prayers of the People Team

Dearest Lord, we read of suffering daily, of those whose lives are destroyed by fire, famine, violence and war. In your mercy, help us heal our broken world. Teach us to reach out in love to one another. In your great mercy, O God, answer us with your unfailing help. Dearest Lord. Your church is […]

Prayers of the People June 18

by Prayers of the People Team

God of Mystery, we pray for your church and its leaders, Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael, our presiding Bishop, Greg, our Bishop, Berto, our Rector, may they remind us to obey your voice and keep your covenant so we may be your faithful servants. We know your faithfulness endures from age to age. God of […]