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Prayers of the People, July 5

Dear Creator, Great Mystery-We bow before you, our threadbare souls reach out to you. The mystery of existence, of the rise and fall of nations, and the smoky darkness of suffering is almost too much to bear. We yearn for the healing of nations, for the fractured earth, and for sentient beings everywhere. And at […]

Prayers of the People, June 28

by Prayers of the People Team

Precious Lord, God of heaven and earth, We give ourselves into your care, as we pray with complete faith in your compassion. You are our grounding and security in our insecure world.  Keep us in your eternal power and love, as we pray in the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Precious Lord, we give ourselves […]

Prayers of the People, June 21

by Prayers of the People Team

Precious Lord, we read with fresh awareness the message ofthe Gospel today: “Do not think that I have come to bringpeace to the earth.” Be with the peoples of the world as theylift their voices for racial, economic, and social justice. Beespecially with those who do the heavy lifting to create a morejust and equitable […]