Emmanuel is home to many! Emmanuel has been home for the Episcopal Church of Orcas Island and a center of the island community since 1885. We share Emmanuel with many local non-profit organizations for both occasional and recurring use. Regular users include the Lutheran Church, the Unitarian Universalists, the Society of Friends, ten 12-step meetings, the Orcas Choral Society, and a Latin class. Non-profit use is either free or low-cost with fees set below the cost of maintenance. Emmanuel also hosts a free monthly Dinner Kitchen and Community Lunch, and the weekly summertime Brown Bag concerts. Our labyrinth attracts both residents and visitors to meditate in our beautiful garden.

Please watch our short video

Our goal is to raise $300,000 and we did it!

We can do even more! All funds received that are not used for near-term projects will be invested to grow and provide income for future facility refurbishment and upgrade. Many thanks to those who have contributed.

Being the stewards of this historic, iconic, and well-used space is both a privilege and a responsibility. We are blessed to have received this place from those who came before us, and we want to continue to provide a legacy for future generations. We welcome your support.

Here are some examples of the projects that will be funded by this campaign:

  • Restore – Repair or replace that which is broken: roof, south wall sidings, flagpole, floors in need of refreshing.
  • Preserve – Protect the facility from further damage and deterioration: exterior painting, windows, moss removal, and bird wire.
  • Share – Improve the utility and safety of our shared spaces: kitchen modernization, audio-visual enhancements, and safety improvements.

Stewart Mehlman, Emmanuel’s previous Senior Warden, preached on July 14 launching the campaign. You can listen here.

How can you contribute?

You can give now and/or spread your donations over three years:

1. Fill out the campaign donation form and send with a check to:

Campaign to Restore, Preserve and Share Emmanuel
PO Box 8, Eastsound, WA 98245

or bring to the parish office from Tuesday thru Friday between 9 am and 1 pm

or bring to church on any Sunday morning.

2. Fill out & return a campaign donation form and arrange for credit card or ACH payment online

Other information including the brochure and parishioners thoughts on what Emmanuel means to them and why they are contributing can be found here.