Centering Prayer Sessions

centering prayer chimes

Here is a video with a view of our church with guidance for this practice and 20 minutes of silent meditation. We are glad you can join us!

The following timers will allow you to experience centering prayer sessions of different lengths without the background tick of a clock or the need to set an alarm. You may choose a 5 or 20  minute session. Each session begins with a series of 4 bells to help you settle in. After these four bells, the remaining time is silent except for the final 4 bells which mark the end of your session .

The files may take a moment to load, depending on the speed of your connection. Make sure the sound on your computer is turned up.

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5 Minute Centering Prayer Session

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20 Minute Centering Prayer Session

What is Centering Prayer?

Many of us live in a busy, noisy, multi-tasking world filled with too many things and too little time. Often our world keeps us from a close, intimate relationship with God; our “busyness” keeps us apart from the divine.  Centering Prayer is a solution … it is a gentle method of consenting to God’s presence and healing actions within us … of opening our hearts and minds to God.

Based on scripture, the Christian tradition of meditation, and the rich teaching of Fr. Thomas Keating.  Centering Prayer is a silent, contemplative form of prayer that opens us up to God.  Many consider this method of prayer to be a vital part of their spiritual journey.

Centering Prayer teaches techniques to enter into this healing silence and intimacy with God.  It encourages us to “sit, just sit” in interior quiet for 20 minutes twice a day and to become a member of a faith community of experienced contemplatives to support our development of this spiritual practice.

Please call the Church Office if you have any questions.