Globally, we will all walk with the same intention:

Suggested Intention for this walk: We offer up the pieces of our hearts, the pieces of our broken spirits

My intention for this labyrinth walk is to feel the coherent energy of my own heart, then send that coherent energy to the victims, survivors, families, and communities of these shootings. Let me be open to hearing what action I can take to decrease gun violence.

We walk because we must—
for those who walk this earth no more,
for those consumed by unspeakable loss,
for those who bear the immediate burden of forever altered lives,
for those consumed by guilt and shame and powerlessness.
We offer up the pieces of our hearts, the pieces of unanswered questions, of rage, of sorrow.
We walk because we must—
for those whose hearts are hardened and whose ears are deafened to the pain and suffering of others,
for those who feel powerless to effect change.
for those who know not how to heed the call for help.
We walk because the pieces of our hearts connect with the pieces of the hearts of all others who walk because they must.
May our pieces become joined to create a blanket of loving compassion to cover every hurting heart, every closed heart, every raging heart, every confused heart, every numbed heart.
May we learn to lead in Love.  May we walk in Love.
May we gather up the pieces until we are whole again.

–Johana Manasse