Presider:  In gratitude for your divine guidance, Beloved Creator of all that is, we come before you now and ask that peace and wisdom fill our hearts just as your radiant being overwhelmed the disciples so many years ago.    Lord hear our prayer.

Lector: Help us to know the best ways to help others; help us to listen and to really hear what you are asking of us.    Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for our priests and teachers and all those to whom we look for guidance, including Berto and Hugh our pastors, Michael our Presiding Bishop, Greg, our Bishop, and all other spiritual leaders of every faith throughout the world.   Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for and express gratitude for the farmers and all those who work with the land, and who care for the livestock, and thank them for their attention to the health and balance of your creation. We thank the animals for their gifts of food, companionship and service.  We are grateful for the ripening fields and orchards and ask that all might know abundance and plenty.               Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray ardently that the world’s leaders may guide nations into making good choices to secure peace for the world and health for the planet and its creatures.      Lord, hear our prayer.

We grieve for all those affected by flood, fire and famine throughout the world, especially the people of southeast Texas, Bangladesh and India, and ask that assistance be given them in timely and appropriate ways. Lord, hear our prayer. 

We ask for help and protection from all those suffering homelessness, hunger, and loss of loved ones due to ongoing wars and other catastrophes.  Lord, hear our prayer.

Help all those suffering from diseases and other afflictions to meet these challenges with grace and resilience.  Please give us the grace to endure what must be endured—whether through injury, ill health or troubled heart–knowing that the day is not far away when we, too, will come to know the true glory of Creation. Help us to see your love in all those for whom we care and to forgive those who have wounded us. May the  morning star rise in the hearts of all those for whom we now pray most wholeheartedly, especially for …

We also pray for all those who have recently died and their families, especially Diane and Richard Jordan.  Please feel free to add any other petition you may wish to make–silently or aloud. (a minute of silence)

Presider:  Oh Great Mystery, beyond our knowing–Help us to truly listen, to hear with mind and heart, and to take whatever actions would be best in upholding the gift of creation. Let us walk faithfully with you and recount your glorious deeds, even when shadows are long and the stars are dim.  We ask this in the name of the great I AM, manifest to us as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer, now and forever.  Amen.