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Prayers of the People, May 19

by Prayers of the People Team

Father/Mother Lord, we beg you to breathe upon those slain in Ukraine, in Israel, in Gaza, and in other violent regions, that they might live. We are weary of war; we pray for relief for its victims. In Jesus we pray. Father/Mother Lord, we trust that when the spirit of truth comes, it will guide […]

Prayers of the People, July 9

by Prayers of the People Team

Lord of Abraham and Sarah, David and Rebekah and all our ancestors, we give thanks to our church leaders: Michael, Melissa, Berto and Hugh. We ask that they inspire us to believe that you rescue us from the body of death. We thank you, Lord of heaven and earth. Lord of Abraham and Sarah, David […]

Prayers of the People, January 10

by Prayers of the People Team

Intercessor:  Dear God of Heaven and Earth, we come to you in prayer, with our hearts open to your love. As we each stay in our separate space, we are grateful to be gathered in community through Emmanuel Parish with inclusiveness for all.   Lord, we are strengthened by the power of sharing your Love. We […]

Prayers of the People, May 10

Hear our gratitude, oh Holy One, for the abundant blessings that you bring us through our church and our Orcas Community. Hear our heartfelt prayers and thanksgivings for our beloved Berto and Hugh. May they be free from harm; may all their loved ones know the peace that only you can bring. Praise to you, […]

Prayers of the People, May 3

Dear Lord, Creator of all, in our sleeping and in our waking, you are God. To you our hearts are open, all desires known, and from you no secrets are hid. We long for your peace and assurance in these times of illness and fear, throughout the world. We are united in many ways. Let […]

Prayers of the People, April 26

by Prayers of the People Team

Precious Lord, you are our light and our salvation in this hour of gloom. Be with the peoples of the world as we isolate together during the pandemic. Bring healing to our bodies, minds, and souls. Teach us to find community in our common need for hope. In Christ we pray. Precious Lord, you are […]

Prayers of the People, April 19

by Prayers of the People Team

Lector: Risen Lord, we give thanks for our Presiding Bishop Michael, our Bishop Greg, our priests Berto and Hugh who inspire us to believe rather than doubt, providing us strength and courage to face this pandemic and help our neighbors cope. Protect me, O God, for I take refuge in you. Risen Lord, we know […]

Prayers of the People, April 12, EASTER

by Prayers of the People Team

Dear Lord: Somewhere the bells ring, rejoicing in your resurrection. Angelic voices soar as never before—the gates of righteousness are open! Death is an illusion, true life is eternal. We celebrate your return from the dead. You have been humiliated, journeyed to the darkest caverns, and returned to earth to tell all that death—no matter […]

Prayers of the People, April 5

by Prayers of the People Team

Dear Lord, Creator of all heaven and earth, In this time we pray to you for peace, healing and assurance. We pray from the longing of our hearts to be close to you Lord. Lord, Hear our prayer. God is light and in him there is no darkness. Dear Lord, as we celebrate this time […]

Prayers of the People, March 29

by Prayers of the People Team

Lector : Out of the depths we call, Lord. Give us hope and direction during this time of fear and uncertainty. Help us to lift one another with tender words, prayers, and actions. The enemy does not discriminate; we cannot either. Help us to love abundantly, across the whole wide world. We wait for the […]