Intercessor:  Dear God of Heaven and Earth, we come to you in prayer, with our hearts open to your love. As we each stay in our separate space, we are grateful to be gathered in community through Emmanuel Parish with inclusiveness for all. 

 Lord, we are strengthened by the power of sharing your Love. We are grateful for this house of worship and our Orcas Island community.

Dear Lord, we ask your blessings upon our beloved priests Fr. Berto and Fr. Hugh, for Bishop Greg, and Presiding Bishop Michael.        

We pray for all priests and church leaders, that they may find their own peace, to serve others with your love.

We are grateful for the many hands and hearts who continue to serve you through the ministry of Emmanuel Parish, especially the technical gift of time and talent of Bill Bangs, who brings our church services online throughout the year. 

May they may be nourished, blessed and guided by your Love and Grace.

We pray for all who suffer and struggle with mental, physical, and addiction challenges, those in pain, illness, and danger, for those needing food, housing and kindness. We ask your peace and healing for the needs of each of us, either silently or aloud (pause), those known to you, and those we name here:

Lord, you are the healer of our hearts, wounds and fears. Hear our prayer.

Lord, we pray for victims and grieving families of Covid 19, and the hardship it brings to the world. 

Bless the health care providers, hospital staff, and caregivers. Nourish and sustain them all in your love, Lord.

We pray for the people of the United States and our members of government to receive the power of your Spirit.  We pray for healing from chaos in the Capital, from the failures of some officials to honor the Constitution, and from the betrayal of our trust by some in power. May your truth prevail in bringing respectful dialogue and decisions for the highest good.

Lord, we pray you guide their hearts, minds and choices, that they may do your will for others. We pray for your powerful peace in this time of uncertainty and grave concern.

And may our Bill of Rights and human rights be observed with freedom from discrimination and persecution.

Lord, may the power of your spirit descend like a dove on our nation and the world.

We pray for those who have passed from our sight, may they be joyful in your eternal kingdom in the company of angels and archangels. 

We celebrate their place with you Lord.

Lord, we thank you for each blessing we each discover, as we find peace in our hearts, moment by moment.

Lord, keep us in your love. You are the strength and peace we seek. In Jesus name we pray and adore you. 

Let us pray for those celebrating Birthdays this week: 

O God, our times are in your hand: Look with favor, we pray, on your servants Challen Ellis (1/11),

John Prince (1/13), Caroline Yarnall (1/13), and Tony Ayer (1/15), as they begin another year.  Grant that they may grow in wisdom and grace, and strengthen their trust in your goodness all the days of their lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.