Precious Lord, you are our light and our salvation in this hour of gloom. Be with the peoples of the world as we isolate together during the pandemic. Bring healing to our bodies, minds, and souls. Teach us to find community in our common need for hope. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord, you are the strength of our lives. We proclaim your good news and your healing power. Be with your church as we minister to the world in this great hour of need, especially with our bishops, priests and lay workers who minister daily to the sick, lonely, and despairing among
us. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord, you ask that there be no divisions among us. Be with the people of these great United States. Unite us in common purpose as we shelter in place. Be especially with the most vulnerable among us: the homeless, the incarcerated, those in detention centers and nursing homes.
Be with those who have lost jobs and health insurance and who face food insecurity. Help our leaders make decisions that support and protect all our citizens. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord, in these times of trouble, be especially with those who put themselves in harm’s way to meet our basic needs and to protect and heal us. Be with our farm and grocery workers and delivery truck drivers who labor ceaselessly to put food on our tables. Be with the EMTs and sheriff deputies who keep us safe. Be with those working the front lines of hospitals and care facilities who sacrifice their personal safety to heal us. We are so grateful for their help. Dear Lord, please protect them from harm. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord, the planet breathes a sigh of relief as humans shelter in place. Help us to pay attention to its present joy, so that we might continue to protect life abounding — the sea and sky and earth that all species call home. In Christ we pray.

Precious Lord. We have seen your great light. We ask you to be especially with those who are suffering illness, injury, grief, gloom, fear and anxiety. We ask you to heal the sick and to bring hope to the anxious. We ask you to be with those who have recently passed and their grieving families. We ask you especially to be with the family and friends we now name and to bend with complete and healing love to those on parish prayer list: … and for all those for whom no one prays. In Christ we pray.

Presider: Thank you, dearest Lord, for hearing our prayers. In this time of trouble, we know we can find shelter in your abiding love. Amen.