Dear Mother, Father God,

We come to you with our hearts open in prayer, gathered together as a community, and individually, as you know each one of us as your child.  Lord lead us to abide in your love, and love one another as Jesus loves us.

Lord, may we draw your love through us, to each other, to your world and to those you call us to serve.

Thank you Lord, and bless all who serve you through Emmanuel church, for the many hands and hearts who keep Emmanuel thriving in your name. Bless Father Berto, Father Hugh, Bishop Rickel, your churches throughout the world, and for all who care for the needs of others.

Lord, we seek to abide in your love, and love one another as Jesus loves us. Love is the power of life.

Lord, we pray for the government of the United States, for the workers who keep it working, for the leaders who set the policies, and for the President who sets the direction. May your will fire their spirit, words and decisions, for the equality and safety of all people, and the health of our environment.

For whatever is born of God conquers the world.

Thank you Lord for your bounty and beauty which surrounds us, on this precious Orcas Island, the magnificent Salish Sea, the fertile Skagit Valley, to the elegant Cascade and Olympic Mountains. We are blessed to be here.

Lord, inspire us to act to preserve the natural balance of your world, that we will honor your creation with our actions. We are each as one with all of earth, sky and each other. We live by your grace and love.

Lord, we ask your blessings for those we hold dear in our hearts. We pray for those who have passed into your eternal kingdom, for those who are in sickness, pain, fear and suffering of any kind, and for those on our Parish prayer list:

Lord, we pray for your loving comfort, healing and divine peace to all.


Lord, thank you for those people you have brought into our lives who bring us closer to you, who have shown us by their example, the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. In His name we are grateful for your abundant blessings, grace and peace. Lead us in sharing these with others. Hallelujah! Amen