Dearest Lord, our world is stricken by a common loss of health, life, and security.  As one world, we fear for our future.  As one world, then, bring us together to care for each other.  Help us to remember our common creation and salvation in love. 

Dearest Lord, your church is your servant on earth.  Without you we are not able to do your will.  Guide us, then, in our care for each other.  Help us and our leaders, including our dear priests, Berto and Hugh, to be your healing voices and hands in the world.

Dearest Lord, in this season of election, let us remember Jesus’s parable of the slaves and learn to forgive each other from the heart.  Help us to tend to the cares and needs of our brothers and sisters with compassion, no matter their circumstances or beliefs.

Dearest Lord, as you saved the Israelites from the Egyptians, show mercy to all those who suffer oppression and injustice.  Be with those who seek shelter, food, and healthcare.  Be with those who suffer economic insecurity.  Help us to lift up our neighbors in this time of great need.

Dearest Lord, fires rage in the forests, tropical storms threaten the coasts, ice melts at the poles.  Our planet is suffering the effects of human consumption. Inspire us transform our behaviors to alleviate climate change.  Help us remember that we do this for our children, their children, and for all life that calls earth home. 

Dearest Lord, you are our strength and our salvation. Be with those who suffer injury and illness of mind and body.  Be with those who suffer uncertainty and fear, with those who are numbed by despair and depression, with those who are consumed by anger. Be with the recently departed and the families and friends who grieve them. Be especially with those we now name (pause), including those on our parish prayer list: