Lector: Dear Lord of heaven, let everything that has breath, praise you Lord. We open our hearts to you in prayer. Bless the hearts and hands who keep our Emmanuel church thriving, alive and available, especially in these times of uncertainty in our lives.
We are grateful that you are with us Lord.
Bless the leadership, commitment and service of our dear Priests Fr. Berto and Fr. Hugh, the Vestry, Bill and Margie Bangs, Karen, Marianne, the Altar Guild, the flower arrangers, the Garden Gang, and the Agape team.
We find assurance that you are with us Lord.
Bless all who join in the Zoom online worship services, prayers, study groups, and fellowship coffee hour. Fr. Berto has created a virtual continuity for most of our church opportunities. We sure miss the choir and communion, eager for the day of our precious full services again.
We find assurance that you are with us Lord.
May your churches around the world be instruments of your Holy Spirit to serve the hungry, homeless and abandoned, and speak loudly for equality, peace and preservation of your earthly creation.
Lord, we pray for your peace in our hearts and the world. Show us your way.
We pray for the victims of violence, of racial abuse, of the Covid pandemic, of the fires, floods and hurricanes. There is more sorrow than we can hold.
Lord, consider that this nation is your people. All of us. Be with us Lord. Show us your way.
Bless and renew all those who care for others, for the safety of first responders, fire fighters, medics, police, pilots, and volunteers, who put their lives at risk to save and serve others in emergencies throughout the country, and the world.
Dear Lord, protect and sustain these men and women in their call to service, and all who serve for the good of others.
Bless these United States, for those who serve us in government, for courage in their judgment to do the right thing for the highest good. We pray for our elected officials, for our election process, the equality of voting rights, and those who make decisions for this country and the world. We pray for your hand to be on their hearts and minds for equality for all people.
Lord of heaven, make us leaders for peace in the world, with equality for all. Lord show us your way.
Comfort prisoners and captives, the hungry and homeless, and all who suffer in body, mind or spirit. Bless each one as you know their needs, especially those on our prayer list today: … and for those whom no
one prays may they be comforted by your Holy Spirit.
Lord, bring faith, hope and help to all who need your compassion and
We pray for your gift of the natural world we depend on: clean air and water, the forests which cleanse our air, the oceans, glaciers and mountains, the animal kingdom we can learn from. We pray to keep them as you intend.
Lord of heaven, give all nations the wisdom and will to conserve this good earth, for our survival, and to your honor.
For those who have died, may they be joyfully shining in your heavenly light.
Dear Lord of heaven, be with our loved ones, and bathe our hearts with your peace.
Lord, we put our faith in you. Stay with us Lord. Show us your way. We love you Lord. We pray in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ. Amen