Virtual Church May 31

by SKM

We will have a virtual morning prayer service on Sunday morning. Please go to Facebook Live.

Prayers of the People, May 31

by Prayers of the People Team

Dear Lord, We pray together for the whole world as wecelebrate Pentecost. We ask the light of your Holy Spirit to guide us in our timeof uncertainty. Bless the clergy and churches, in their service to our world inneed of your comfort and reassurance. Let us not hold fear,not feel divided, but gathered together toward […]

Prayers of the People, May 24

by Prayers of the People Team

Dearest Lord, in you we have taken refuge.  Hold us, the peoples of the world, in your loving wisdom as we confront a common challenge in the corona virus.  We depend on your guidance during these uncertain times. We will not let our hearts be troubled.  We believe in God. Dearest Lord, your church is […]