All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints, and All Souls Day is a three day period to remind us that so much of the goodness and light we experience comes from those who have run the race before us. In the three days of this remembrance season, we recall that we stand on the shoulders of saintly lives anchored in God’s love, lives that have contributed to our blessings and well being today. We are also invited to remember and celebrate those dear ones who have died, whose love is still with us, albeit in another way. What’s more, we are invited to remember that while death and darkness are in our midst, we can still poke fun at the things that go bump in the night, because nothing can separate us from the love of Christ.

It is in this spirit that we dress up on Halloween (Oct. 31st) and light the pumpkins to confront the dark. It is in this spirit that we celebrate All the Saints (Nov.1st) throughout the ages alive in Christ, both in heaven and on earth in ongoing communion. It is in this spirit that we remember on All Soul’s Day (Nov. 2nd) those we have known and loved, laughing at death, as we recall our departed ones having fun in the afterlife. Below are some upcoming events centered on these three days of prayer and remembrance.

Sunday, Oct. 27th: Pumpkin Blessing on Sunday, 8:00 am and 10:00 am.
Bring a pumpkin, squash or any humble gourd with you to Sunday worship.    Or bring one to donate for the decorating party after the 10:00 service. Join Tony Ayer and other creative souls as they prepare pumpkins for Halloween. Donated pumpkins will be part of the labyrinth walk to the Great Pumpkin when island children come trick or treating at Emmanuel.
Thursday, Oct. 31st: All Hallow’s Eve, Walk to the Great Pumpkin – 3pm till dark.
Friday, Nov. 1st: All Saints Day.
For all the saints now and then that we have known and loved, it is a day to consider their gifts to us. We will celebrate their lives at a combined service on Sunday, Nov. 3rd. Until then, watch for saints living now, and/or remember one that has touched your life in a personal way from the past. Special ‘remembrance stars’ will be handed out this Sunday, the 27th, to return on Sunday, Nov. 3rd. You are asked to write a name(s) or attach a photo on your star of a departed loved one or special saint. The stars will be displayed as part of our worship service.
Saturday, Nov. 2nd: Remembrance Labyrinth Walk for those who have died.
The entire island community is invited to walk the labyrinth anytime during All Soul’s Day.
In the evening from 6:30-7:30 pm, in the parish hall, there will be a candlelit space for quiet prayer and reflection. If you have lost a loved one or have been touched by death somehow and want another chance to remember in an intentional way, come and sit, coming and going as you like, in honor of the lives of our loved ones.

“Each occasion we glimpse them; that turn of a head, that smile, the way she walked, his sense of humor, each time, a knife turns in our heart. In time, through the windows of our tears we see them and smile. In time, we let go of sorrow. In time, beauty and music, remembered places bring solace not pain. In your time, God of all time, may what we have sown in pain be reaped in joy.
“Surrounded by a Cloud of Witnesses”, in the Pattern of Our Days: Worship in the Celtic Tradition from the Iona Community (Paulist Press)

Sunday, Nov. 3: All Saints Sunday: Bring your ‘remembrance star’ to the combined service at 10:00 am when we will remember All the Saints.