Dear Olympians!

Great news for our Seahawks, and great thanks to you that responded to the Super Bowl Challenge for Episcopal Relief and Development. It looks like it was just Seattle’s year! Here are the results of the challenge as reported by Rob Radtke, President of ERD.   Number of gifts supporting the Seattle Seahawks: 235 Total raised in support of the Seattle Seahawks: $20,437.00   Number of gifts supporting the Denver Broncos: 125 Total raised in support of the Denver Broncos: $11,020.50   The winner, therefore, of the friendly wager is: The Diocese of Olympia!   But, as I told Rob and Bishop O’Neill the real winners are those who benefit from the excellent work of ERD around the world.   Together we raised more than $31000 for Global Needs that might not otherwise have been available.
Bless you all for responding generously, in Seattle, and in Denver.  I know some had problems donating and Rob Radtke acknowledged this, apologized and stressed that this is a new ERD website and it still has some bugs. As good as technology is, it still has its days. The good news is that both dioceses crashed the site, and that made it run a bit slow. I also want to acknowledge that ERD responded quickly to an idea that only was in the works at the end of last week, so they had to move fast, and they did that well. We all will be ready for such a challenge next time, and I look forward to next time, as Seattle returns to the Super Bowl next year!
Blessings, and thanks to all who gave.  Go Hawks!  Go ERD!!  +Greg

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