Love Life: Living the Gospel of Love

Using the Love Life series as Lenten practice

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist is offering daily short videos to enrich your Lenten journey.  Here’s a summary from their recent email.

We are so glad to have you journey with us this Lent

Ash Wednesday, March 5, will see the beginning of our Lenten offering Love Life: Living the Gospel of John. Each morning at 5am (local time) you will receive an email with the day’s video followed by a question for you to ponder on and then write your answer.

If you do not already have the accompanying workbook, you can download the workbook or you can purchase print copies.

You can also write your answer online using the link after each question or on your preferred social media.
We have been greatly encouraged by the number of individuals and groups who will be using this series as part of their Lenten journey. We would love to know your thoughts and feedback on the series and especially any images you might share with us.

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