Since the dawn of human consciousness, wise teachers have illumined paths to divine encounter and deeper wholeness, inviting us into fullness of life and flowering of creativity.  Their instruction and counsel live on into the present day, passed down from generation to generation, often through the medium of sacred scriptures which have been translated and debated by countless followers. The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth contained in the Bible are a prime example. So much has changed over two millennia that interpreting Jesus’ message responsibly in our vastly different modern society involves significant challenges, such as making meaning of the ancient idioms, symbols, and images that populate the gospel stories.

And yet, within the old stories timeless elements offer themselves to our senses as points of access into the stories and teachings.  These need no translation, no consideration of context.  Rather, they are the context; the evocative features of Earth that have captured our imaginations across the ages.  These will be the thresholds we approach together in the glorious springtime of the Utah desert:  river, desert, mountain, lake, and garden.

Each of our five days together will be a meditation on various aspects of these grand geographical features that were the settings for the tremendous revelations of love and enormous visions of justice that Jesus embodied and proclaimed during his ministry.  In our group and during solo time on the land, there will be ample time for silence, meditation, wandering, discussion, and other exercises that will open our hearts to receive whatever it is that the Divine Mystery wants to offer.

All are welcome, regardless of religious background or affiliation.  We imagine that this retreat might be especially suitable for those who have been wounded by Christianity and want to experiment with reengaging it through the heart and the senses, rather than the mind…or for those who are intrigued by the Christian story and want to know more in a non-church setting…or for regular church-goers who want to deepen their life of faith in a new way.  Whatever the case, we will all share in a common yearning to be in relationship with our maker and a desire to know our particular place and purpose in creation.

Thursday, May 21 to Monday, May 25, 2015.

Near Capitol Reef National Park, Utah.

Camping; meals will be jointly planned and prepared by everyone.

$525 (scholarships available–please contact us to discuss your needs).

For registration and more information contact Hugh Grant at