Emmanuel Episcopal Parish invites you to a twelve session introductory series on Islam. We will gather to watch a half hour video presentation by Prof John Esposito, Ph.D. from Georgetown University followed by a group discussion for another half hour. The purpose of this series is to help us understand this important world religion, it’s impact on our world and appreciate its wisdom and the challenges it presents to us.
We will begin Friday September 4, 2015 at noon at Emmanuel Episcopal Parish Hall on Main Street.
Session schedule
Fridays at noon at Emmanuel Parish Hall:
Session 1 Sept 4: Islam Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Session 2 Sept 11: The Five Pillars of Islam
Sept 18 no meeting
Session 3 Sept 25: Muhammad—Prophet and Statesman
Session 4 Oct 2: God’s Word—the Quranic Worldview
Session 5 Oct 9: The Muslim Community—Faith and Politics
Session 6 Oct 16: Paths to God—Islamic Law and Mysticism
Session 7 Oct 23: Islamic Revivalism—Renewal and Reform
Session 8 Oct 30: The Contemporary Resurgence of Islam
Session 9 Nov 6: Islam at the Crossroads
Session 10 Nov 13: Women and Change in Islam
Nov 20 no meeting
Session 11 Nov 27: Islam in the West
Session 12 Dec 4: The Future of Islam