Lector: Dear Creator, Some of us are grateful for the snow as we enjoyed  the secure warmth of our homes. The snow holiday gave us extra time for prayer, and more hours to read and visit together, time that we often don’t take.  At the same time, we became more aware of the difficulties caused by inclement weather, especially for those without adequate housing.  Thank you for your influence in keeping these people warm and comfortable, you have inspired us to reach out in many different and sometimes unseen ways, knowing that your hand is in all of it.  Thank you, too, for the excellent leadership of our priests, Berto and Hugh, our Bishop, Greg, our presiding bishop Michael, and all those who continue to inspire and guide in so many important ways.  And thank you for our community–our smaller community here in Emmanuel, and the larger one that is our island.

We thank you for these and the many other gifts  that you so freely bestow. Help us to recognize the hidden blessings in life’s challenges and to realize that, no matter what, you are always here for us.

We pray for  teachers and for spiritual leaders throughout the world, and all who desire to follow the ways of peace and compassion.. We pray that all who desire it might have sufficient education to manifest their abilities, support their families, and nurture dreams for the benefit of all.

May compassionate wisdom guide both our inner and outer lives.

We thank and ask blessings for all those engaged in helping the helpless to find footing on the ground of becoming. Gratitude to such local entities as the Human Resource Center and world ministries such as Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, and so many others whose songs often go unsung. We pray also for national and international leaders throughout the world, including our President, Donald, our Governor, Jay, and all our elected and appointed officials.  

May we join together in taking every opportunity to protect the planet and its creatures. May all listen to the voices of people with special knowledge.  May we uphold ways of helping those who suffer from war, famine, natural disasters, and disease.  May we recognize and support all good guidance, regardless of our political preferences.

Let us not be afraid to embrace those who are sad or suffering from any sort of disability, whether disease, mental disturbance, insufficient employment, or homelessness.  And let us take a moment, either silently or aloud, to add special intentions for those in particular need of prayer at this time, silently or aloud, (…pause…) including  those on our Parish Prayer List:   Finally, dear Creator, we ask your abiding comfort for those who are bereaved or suffering from other loss. May they, and those whom they mourn, come to know your constant love in new ways.

May all these beloved people feel your hand in their lives and move forward with fresh  hope and understanding.

Presider:  Creator of all that is, hear our prayers.  We ask so much of you.  Help us to foster a community of conscious living, as we work together to share our abilities, enthusiasms, and all that contributes to harmony, health, and contentment.   Help us to foresee the consequences of our actions and to put kindness and compassion in the forefront of our prayers and our daily life that we may become more like you, our Sacred Redeemer.  Amen.