Lector: Oh Great Mystery-We, the People of the Book, once again face many kinds of challenges. Help us to grow in compassion and wisdom during these Lenten days. Help us to remember always to be grateful for your presence—even when it seems that we are lost on the shifting dunes of an unknown desert. We acknowledge with gratitude your many gifts, among them clean water, natural beauty, friendship, and a wonderful spiritual community led by our priests, Berto and Hugh, our bishop, Greg, and our presiding bishop, Michael.  We pray earnestly for their continued well-being and loving guidance. Thank you for keeping them safe in all they do.

People:  Lord we trust that you are among us through all trials.

Lector: Help the leaders of governments and spiritual organizations everywhere to be wise, to lead the way to solace and healing for all those suffering from natural disasters, epidemics, warfare, and immigration difficulties. Help all sentient beings to find their way from the dark caverns of inappropriate action so that people and endangered species may be saved, and gentle rains of kindness will fall on troubled souls. Help the homeless and those who depend upon social charities to know they are not without recourse in this time of caution and quarantine. 

Lord, we trust that you are among us through all trials.

In these days of Lenten Journey, let us remember your own journey to the cross, and be strengthened by your example. Let us shake off our past and start anew during this special time, delving more deeply into the well of our inner knowing, moving forward to  love you and all your creation even more deeply. May we discover you in the silence between the words and, like the Good Samaritan, not allow fear to prevent us from going to the aid of others.

Lord, we trust that you are among us through all trials. On our Parish Prayer List are many in great need of your aid, including the following: Take time now to add any other people in need of extra prayer, either silently or aloud. [pause] May their concerns be lifted, and their sorrows healed.

Lord, we trust that you are among us through all trials.

Gently dry the tears of those who are recently bereaved, particularly the family of Catherine and Douglas Ellis as they mourn the loss of Catherine’s sister, Lee. Let us all take comfort in the assurance that you and your love for us are limitless, and that we, as your children, are a part of you, and in this way eternally a part of one another.

Lord, we trust that you are among us through all trials.

Presider: Through all our trials, Lord, let us not be wayward in our hearts. Help us to recognize one another’s needs, including our own, and to dip deeply into the well of our spiritual resources, as we are able. Hear these, the prayers of your people, Dear Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns for ever.  Amen.