Dear Lord, Creator of all heaven and earth, In this time we pray to you for peace, healing and assurance. We pray from the longing of our hearts to be close to you Lord.

Lord, Hear our prayer. God is light and in him there is no darkness.

Dear Lord, as we celebrate this time of Lent, we follow our savior Jesus, as he rides toward Jerusalem on a donkey. We wave branches of Palm leaves, joining the crowds of his followers and chanting.

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in highest heaven.

Dear Lord, give us faith, that you are leading us in our own transition of Lent, and the transition of the world, in the face of the virus which brings us together in need. We pray for healing and wholeness.

Lord, it is in the humble journey of Jesus to become the savior of the world that we have faith in his sacrifice and promise to us. We ask for your blessings in His name.

Bless and guide our Bishop Gregory, Fr. Berto, Fr. Hugh, our Vestry, the Agape team, Bill and Margie, and all who bring their vitality to your service through the community of Emmanuel.

Lord, we are blessed and grateful for this church family. We see service to others at every turn, and volunteers to the community, with hearts full of your Holy Spirit.

We pray for your world in this changing uncontrolled virus, for the volunteer hearts and hands of the food banks, the cooks, farmers, the medical teams, the first responders, citizens and leaders of courage and purpose coming forth in service. We see the message of Jesus around us.

Lord, protect the vulnerable, the frightened and lonely, those in danger, sickness, the homeless, the hungry, and those who help them throughout the world.

We pray for this island community, for the children, families, those carrying burdens, and for our neighbors. Bless each one, as you know our needs. We pray especially for those in our hearts and those we name here:…, and for whom no one else prays.

Lord, we are one family in the light of your love. In God there is no darkness.

We pray for the natural environment we cherish, for the animals, the earth, the air, the waters, and for those who are entrusted with policies for the changing climate. Make them bold in action for your creation.

Lord, inspire us to show forth in our lives, what we profess by our faith.

We pray for those who have died, that they are tenderly in your care. Thank you for the saints and angels who surround them with your love.

Lord, may the grace of the resurrection of Lord Jesus be with them.

We pray to use the gifts you have blessed us with, to carry the spirit of Jesus into our daily life. We pray that we will do the work you lead us to, in service where you show us the need, giving ourselves with gratitude.

We are your grateful children Lord. We are one family in the light of your love. In God there is no darkness.

Celebrant: Gracious God of all, creator of our being, thank you for the quiet place you give us to listen to you. We pray from our hearts, to share with each other the love you offer freely. And we follow our savior Jesus into this Palm Sunday passion with faith in His undying love for us. Amen.