Intercessor: Oh Holy Mysterious God: you appear as Jesus Christ
in our lives today—humble and well aware of the peril that lies
ahead of you, as you enter the Holy City, riding upon an untrained
colt. We too are untrained—yet we wish to carry your truth
forward on this blessed and prophetic day and throughout the
holy week ahead of us. Today the doors of our Emmanuel
Church are the gates to Jerusalem, and as in days of old we greet
you with cheers and great rejoicing.
Blessed is the King who comes in the Name of the Lord!
Hosanna in the highest! Glory in the Highest Heaven!!!

Let us praise you and thank you for all your goodness. For our
priests, Berto and Hugh, our Bishop Greg, our Presiding Bishop

Michael, and for spiritual leaders everywhere, and for all those
helping others through long trials and destitution and
Blessed are all who serve in the name of the Lord. Glory in
the Highest Heaven!

Let the very stones cry out our prayers for the poor souls of
Ukraine and other besieged lands! May all victims of war know
your peace and have their highest hopes fulfilled during this Holy
Week. And dear One, please send mighty throngs of angels to
protect and soothe the children and their parents and grandparents who are so brutally treated. May they know the truth of your enduring love in the midst of unspeakable horror.
Peace on earth as in the highest heaven.
We pray that each of us may discover the best way to help those
in need. Open our ears that we may truly hear; open our eyes that
we may truly see. Open our hearts so that we have the desire and
the will necessary to fulfill your vision and protect all of life here
on earth.
Peace on earth as in the highest heaven.
And yes, Holy One, let us be ever ready to help those in our own
community who may feel discredited because of religion, race,
sexual identity, economic situation, and physical and mental
Peace on earth as in the highest heaven.
We pray for the sick, the lonely, the addicted, the homeless, and all
those whose hearts ache for you. (Pause to mention any personal
concerns, silently or aloud). We pray with deep intent for those on our
Parish Prayer List: (pause):

and those for whom no one
prays; may they be comforted by your Holy Spirit.

And we pray for those who have died in the last year. May this
Holy Week bring special solace to those who mourn them.
Peace on earth as in the highest heaven.