Dear Lord of our creation and salvation, we open our hearts to you in prayer, every day of the week.

May your churches throughout the world be inspired and guided through your Holy Spirit to serve others. 

You call us to offer food to the hungry and satisfy the needs of the afflicted.  

Let our light rise in the darkness with the Lord as our guide.

Bless all who enter this church, Emmanuel, for our service, concerts, the labyrinth, prayer and meditation, or to rest in the beauty of this place of peace.

Bless our dear Fr. Berto, and Fr. High, Bishop Greg, Presiding Bishop Michael, and all who serve in our mission to love God, God’s creation, and our neighbors as ourselves. 

Lord of love and mercy, bless us each in healing our own infirmities, as we offer your compassion in service to others, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lord of great kindness, bring resolution to the world crisis of migrant people, seeking safety for their families, fleeing from danger and atrocities. 

Make all nations see the increasing danger level of war, the potential destruction from uncontrolled weapons at the hands of anger and hatred.

We pray for your hand to be on the hearts and minds of all leaders.

Lord of Power and Might, make us leaders for peace in the world, with equality for all people. Let our light rise in the darkness. We are in your hands.

Comfort prisoners and captives, the hungry and homeless, and all who suffer in body, mind or spirit.

Bless and restore all those who care for them, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Lord of Power and Might, bring faith and hope to all who need your compassion and protection.

We pray for each person in need of your healing, comfort and peace, whether from illness, pain, loss, or addiction, especially those we name now:

Lord of compassion and great kindness, bring your renewal, healing and peace to each one. We are all equally your children.

We pray for your natural world we depend on: clean air and water, the forests, the ice caps and oceans.

 We are deeply concerned about the fast changing climate. We have been warned to change our consuming use of earth’s resources.

Lord of Power and Might, give all nations the wisdom, will and purpose to intently conserve this good earth to your honor. 

We pray for the helping professionals and volunteers who put themselves at risk to serve others, in the rapidly occurring flooding and weather events.

Lord of Power and Might, protect and sustain these men and women in their call to service, and all who serve for the good of others.

For those who have died. May they be joyfully shining in your heavenly light.

Bless the grieving loved ones. Hold them close in your comfort and peace dear Lord.

 Lord of compassion and mercy, nourish us with your eternal goodness. Graft in our hearts the love of your name, with all our soul, and all that is within us.. 

We pray and honor you Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, every day of the week, in our hearts and minds and intentions.