Precious Lord, on this fateful anniversary, we pray that the nations of the world might find peace
with one another. We pray, especially, for the citizens suffering war, hunger, fear, and
In Christ we pray.
Precious Lord, guide your church in the faith and love that are Jesus Christ, that we might be
witnesses for compassion and justice, both here and afar. Be with our priests, Berto and Hugh,
and our lay leaders, as they discern a righteous path for our beloved island parish.
In Christ we pray.
Precious Lord, we pray that your reconciling spirit might find Americans united in their support
for the citizens of our nation, that all might enjoy the benefits of work with dignity, a living wage,
stable housing, affordable childcare, sound education, and comprehensive health care.
In Christ we pray.
Precious Lord, we ask that in all things you direct our hearts to choose compassion for the
homeless, the hungry, the marginalized, and the immigrants who seek safety at our borders. Be
with them in their hour of need.
In Christ we pray.
Precious Lord, we look to the fruitful land and are fearful that it has become a desert. Inspire us
to protect your creation so that future generations might also praise this magnificent earth.
In Christ we pray.
Precious Lord, we ask you to bend with healing compassion to those who suffer from illness and
injury, depression and despair, anger and insult, confusion and anxiety. We ask that you be with
the transcending souls of those who have passed, as well as their grieving families and friends
here on earth. We ask especially that you be with the friends and family we now name, silently
and aloud (pause), including those on our parish prayer list: