Beloved Mystery, Great One beyond knowing, from whom all things are made…Sometimes you hide behind a veil of sorrow so thick that it is hard to find you. And yet, you are there in the very darkness that prevents us from seeing you. Be our strength and refuge, oh great One, and know our longing for you reaches beyond the intent of mere words.

Deliver us from the snares of darkness, oh Great Mystery.

Your hand is everywhere present. All glory, honor, and praise to our brethren in the United Kingdom, for those who lead, and for those who follow with grace and dignity during this time of transition, in response to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. We ask that harmony, strength, and perseverance shall prevail throughout the Commonwealth in the coming days.

May all dwell in the shelter of the most high.

We pray for the well-being of spiritual leaders everywhere, in particular the archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,  and the Dean of St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, David Conner, whose words have done so much to soothe and encourage the mourning world.

In like measure, we pray for our Presiding Bishop, Michael, whose commitment to the Beloved Community is a shining example to all, and for our most respected Bishop Greg, whose guidance continues to inspire and inform us.  We offer renewed and ongoing thanks and praise for our clergy, dear Berto and Hugh, whose influence enriches our community with fountains of wisdom and kindness. Keep all these spiritual leaders safe in body, mind, and spirit.

May all dwell in the shelter of the most high.

Help political leaders world-wide to steer the ships of statehood to calm waters. Let us pray for all those in positions of high responsibility, including our President, Joe, Vice President, Kamala, and Governor Jay. Let us pray that the people of Ukraine may know ongoing peace and recovery from the devastation of recent invasions. May the broken hearts and ravaged earth be soothed and healed. And let us pray for the invaders.  May a deep and lasting change of heart prevail.

May all dwell in the shelter of the most high.

We pray for the people of Puerto Rico, and all suffering as the result of recent hurricanes, fires, and famine.May all find refuge under your wings.  We pray for the mentally ill, the homeless, the lonely and the desperate, and we pray fervently for those whom we distrust and all who do not recognize your love and your light.

May all dwell in the shelter of the most high.

We call on you with all our hearts as we pray for  members of our church, particularly Marilyn and Duff Andrews, who are leaving our parish for one in Boise, Idaho.  We wish them joy and ease in their new life and thank them for their many years of enthusiastic and generous participation in our Emmanuel Community. WE WILL MISS THEM GREATLY [pause].  We pray also for those on our parish prayer list …   Challen… Judy & Doug… Lindalena & Jim… Ingrid… Stephen… Jon… the Class family… Luka… Becky… Sara… Evelyn… Zach… Effie, Stephen, and Calder… Margaret… Fred… Elyse… Jan… Steve & Nancy… Carl… the Cook family… Bill… Audrey… Dave… Janet… Carl & Julianna… Anne… Lynne… the Olszewski family… Chris & Laura… John… Bruce… Neris… and those for whom no one prays, may they be comforted by your Holy Spirit. 

And we pray for the recently bereaved and all those in our hearts who have gone on. 

May they dwell in the shelter of the most high.

[take a few. moments to add any special concerns you may haave, either silently or aloud]

Open our hearts to your presence around us and among us and within us, as we seek to know your love of both friend and enemy—transform our communities with justice and compassion.  Help us to make this earth and your children whole and healthy through the healing of all that is broken. Amen