Dearest Mother, Father God of all.  You are the Alpha and Omega. We come to you in prayer, for all the world, as we are all one under you God.

We come to you Lord for our strength.

We pray with gratitude for our Emmanuel Parish, especially our Rector, Father Berto, and Priest, Father Hugh, for their peace and fulfillment in your guidance, and for the power of your peace throughout our nation and all churches, Lord, to shine like the light of morning over the darkness of fear. 

We come to you Lord for our strength

We pray for each other, for those who comfort us, and for those who bring us discomfort. Let us be your messenger of acceptance and love to those in fear and danger. We are all your children.

We come to you Lord for our strength. 

We pray for the many thousands of refugees, whose needs challenge the world to act with compassion, in service, as taught by your son, Jesus Christ.

We come to you Lord for our strength.

We pray for our nation, for our elected leaders to hear your will, and to know that your love is for all.  Give them inspiration and courage to act rightly for the good of all people, for our country and the world. 

We come to you Lord for our strength,

We pray for the United States and the world leaders to act boldly, with a plan for the urgent wise stewardship of our earth’s resources. Lead us into the changes we must ask for and make in our worldly consumer consumption. We are all recipients of your healthy perfect creation.

We come to you Lord for our strength.

We pray for those in need of healing in any way, in body, mind, or spirit, and for those on our prayer list: and those for whom no one prays, may they be comforted by your Holy Spirit. We come to your Lord for our healing peace.

We pray with gratitude, Lord, for your abundant daily blessings. Keep our hearts open to the beauty in our life. Inspire us to act in service to others. We are all one in your love.

We come to you Lord for our peace and strength.

We pray for those who have passed from our sight into your eternal joy, with angels and archangels, and all the company of heaven. Bless and keep those of us holding them in our hearts.

We come to you Lord for our renewal and strength.

Dear Lord God, you are the Alpha and Omega. May the divided peoples of the earth be brought together with you Lord. May we each accept and share your love, strength and compassion. 

In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.