Dear Lord, We come to you in prayer among the many frightening changes in the world.

We feel we have lost our “usual” patterns of daily life. Each day comes with concerns for victims of natural disasters, war, and refugees seeking safety.

Lord these are human thoughts. We turn to you for God’s thoughts. From earthly things to heavenly things, May all the ends of the earth remember and turn to you.

Precious Lord, In this special time of Lent, we open our hearts to your spirit of transformation.

Bless your churches and priests throughout the world, who serve in love through many faiths; give them strength with your truth and guidance.

Bless our Emmanuel Church, and the hands and hearts who serve here, and in our island community.

 We pray for our beloved Fr. Berto and Fr. Hugh, as they lead and teach us with wisdom, knowledge and inspiration, especially in these renewing days of Lent.

Jesus Christ came down to be the true bread which gives life to the world. Make us alive together with Christ, as you have created us to be. 

Bless those who seek a renewal of purpose and passion for your love during this time of reflection and meditation. 

Precious Lord, open our hearts, to know we can never be separated from your steadfast love.

Dear Lord, we pray for our nation, for our leaders to be humbled by their responsibility to serve all people with respect and equality. 

There is so much work to do, such great calling for compassion and inclusiveness in the face of division.

Precious Lord, may we all know the immeasurable power of your grace and love, through Jesus Christ.

We pray for the earth, the environment, and all creatures here below, as we witness the devastating effects of the climate crisis. 

We pray for your hand to come upon the world for strong leadership, wisdom and urgent reform to live in harmony with a renewable natural world. 

In you God, we put our faith, hope and trust that all nations will cease destruction of our fragile earth. You have created all things for a purpose.

We pray with compassion for those who suffer in the world, those in need of clean water, food, clothing, shelter and safety for their families.

Precious Lord, we are all your children. . We pray for your care of those who suffer and struggle for survival.

 May they know the peace of your love and grace.

We pray for each person who makes a difference in our own life, and for those who serve others in ways large and small. Bless the front line responders to tragedy, floods, earthquakes, and war.

Precious Lord, thank you for your angels at work in our world. Compassion brings the power of Love.

We pray for all who have passed from our sight into your heavenly kingdom, Bless those we hold in our hearts, all who are in need, 

and those who struggle with addiction, poverty, sickness and loss, especially those we name here:

Precious Lord, you know our hearts and struggles. May each of us be strengthened by your love and healing. We shine through your grace.

 Dear Lord, You are our refuge and our stronghold, in whom we put our trust.

Open our hearts in our meditations this Lent, to the richness of our being, as you have given us the gift of life, and the joy of service.

We are so grateful for your abundant blessings upon us.

We pray in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, forever. Amen