Dearest Lord of all that is, that was, that shall be.

You are the Alpha and Omega. We come to you in prayer for all the world, as we are all together in need of your abundant love, grace and strength.  In this time of frightening wars of great destruction, attacking the innocence of people and nations, we pray for your power of peace, for we are all connected. The pain of fear is not waiting for us. For we incline our hearts to the Lord.

Dearest Lord, we come to you, rooted in the gifts of our abundance, grateful that we may share ourselves, and serve our sisters and brothers in your love.

Dearest Lord, We pray for the power of your peace throughout your churches and our nation, to shine like the light of morning over the darkness of fear. Lead, inspire and strengthen them to speak your message to Love the Lord with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself. That is the answer to world peace.

We come to you Lord for our strength. We are gratefully rooted in abundance, and incline our hearts to you. Our time is brief and our love is enhanced as we share in service.

We pray with gratitude Lord, for our abundant daily blessings, for Emmanuel Parish, Berto and Hugh, our priests, Melissa, our Provisional Bishop, and Michael our Presiding Bishop. Thank you for the loving hands and hearts of our congregation who joyfully work in our mission of giving time, talent and donations. We are all one in your love.

We come to you Lord for our strength. We are gratefully rooted in abundance on this beautiful island, with a genuine caring community, May those in need reach out. May we be the hearts to lean toward them.

Dearest Lord, We pray for each other, for those who comfort us, and for those who bring us discomfort. Let us be your messengers of love for those in fear, pain and danger. We are all your children. We pray for everyone in need of healing of body, mind or spirit, and for those on our prayer list:  Challen… Judy & Doug… Lindalena & Jim… Jon… Sara… Effie, Stephen, and Calder… Margaret… Fred… Elyse… Jan… Steve & Nancy… Janet… Lynne… Chris & Laura… John… Bruce… Sue… Forrest… Hank & Karen… Libro & Susan… David… Pamela… George & Audrey… Edrie… Jamie and family… Ida Rae… Carl… Beth… Dick & Kathy… Barbara… the Cook family… John… Michael… Diane… Chip & Danelle… Lynn… Brianna… David…  Judy… James… those for whom no one prays; may they be comforted by your Holy Spirit. Bless, heal and comfort those whose needs you know.  Use us to thy service dear Lord.

We pray for the many thousands of refugees, whose needs challenge the world to act with compassion, in service, as taught by your son, Jesus Christ.

We incline our hearts to you Lord.

Dearest Lord, We pray for your wisdom upon the United States and world leaders to boldly reduce fossil fuels and step up to mindful stewardship of our earth’s resources. We are blessed by your rich natural order. Rescue the balance you designed Lord, as we are all recipients of your perfect creation. Our time is in your hands.

We come to you Lord for our strength, guidance and wisdom.

We pray for those who have passed from our sight into your eternal joy and peace, with angels and archangels, and all the company of heaven. Bless and comfort those of us holding them in our hearts.

We pray with gratitude dear Lord, for your grace, love and peace. 

Dear Lord God, you are the Alpha and Omega. May the divided peoples of the earth be brought together in peace through you Lord. And may we each know and share your love and compassion. We are rooted in abundance. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.