Intercessor:  Dear Father, Mother God, We pray in these short days of winter, that this Advent will shine with the light of your countenance, and herald good tidings, that we may be renewed by your love.  We pray for the world in the hope which Advent brings, for the creation of new visions, expectations of peace, and strong possibilities for creating a healthy climate. May the world prepare the way with growing love and compassion, in the name of God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We lift our voices with strength. Lord God, come with might. My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.

We pray for your strength over our fear, for the welfare and safety of all your people, nations, and religions, to be lifted from the chaos of war, into tolerance, respect and equality for all.

Restore us God, by the light of your countenance, that we are lifted above fear.

We pray for the generous spirit of Emmanuel Parish, for Fr. Berto and Fr. Hugh, in their leadership and ministry in a world of painful times and crisis. Bless and inspire our Bishop and Archbishop, and for all churches of God throughout the world. We pray for guidance and strength.

In this Advent, we prepare for the way of the Lord.  My spirit rejoices in God my Savior.

We thank you Lord, for nourishing our soul, energizing our mind and feeding our body, so we may do your work and serve others, as taught by your son Jesus Christ.

With gratitude for our abundant blessings Lord, we come to serve and share.

We pray for safety and healing for the many people in unbearable circumstances, and for the homeless, the refugees, the prisoners, the captives and the fearful, in all nations. May they know the strength of your peace.

Dear Lord, bring the world to your healing, with safety and nourishment for all.

We pray for those you know are in need of restoration and health of body, mind and spirit, and those named here on our parish prayer list:  … as well as for those for whom no one prays.  May they be filled with the healing power of your presence and peace.

We pray for those who have gone before us to your heavenly kingdom, and those we hold in our hearts. 

Dear Lord, May their spirit be in your loving presence of joy.  

We thank you Lord, for your constant presence in our lives and hearts. Help us make time for receiving your guidance and blessings as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 

Keep us, not on our agenda, but on yours Lord, as that is the joy we seek.

We open our hearts in Advent, to this new opportunity to give in to your will Lord, and feel as a child, the purity, peace, and presence of your unconditional love. 

We thank you in the name of the Holy Jesus Christ. Amen