Oh Holy Mystery—spirit of Wisdom and Love beyond
knowing—In you rest our most sublime visions, our stolen
dreams, and our eternal hope. On a battlefield filled with sorrow
you remind us that we are ultimately victorious as long as we
remain mindful of your eternal, ongoing Self.
Hear our prayers, O Holy One.

We thank you and pray for the inspiration and guidance given by
our priests, Berto and Hugh, and our acting Bishop Melissa, along
with that of her successor, Philip, our presiding bishop, Michael,
and his successor, Bishop Sean (newly elected on June 26). With
spiritual leaders everywhere, we entrust them to generate peace,
hope, and helpful concern, regardless of nation, creed, or race.
We pray for their health and well-being.
Hear our prayers, O Holy One.
We thank and praise all those who nurture the health of our
precious community. Bestow ongoing blessings to all who make
our Food Bank a success, to all organizers and performers who
bring expressive beauty to island life, and of course to the
teachers and their assistants whose guidance enriches camps and
schools throughout the island. We offer special prayers of
gratitude and offer our support to those involved in creating the
renewed Emmanuel Sunday School. And we pray for our children,
hoping that grace and wisdom will shape their lives and that their
legacy will be a less troubled world.
Hear our prayers, O Holy One.
Let us pray fervently for those who are afflicted by warfare,
famine, and environmental and political chaos. Help those who
would bring humanitarian aid to countries and people in need. We
pray especially for innocent people suffering in Gaza, Israel,
Ukraine, Russia, and Haiti. May they know peace beyond all
understanding. We pray for those who do not know you and for
those whose views of you tear the world asunder.
Hear our prayers, O Holy One.
We pray for ourselves, asking that our faith be strengthened, so
that even the thought of you will benefit the downtrodden, the lost,
the lonely, those forced to live in fear, and those who are
separated from loved ones, for the dead and dying, and those who

love them, and for special concerns known privately to ourselves
[…pause; mention silently or aloud] and for those on our Parish prayer
list we do fervently pray: … for
those whose needs are known to each of us, and also for
those in need and have no one to pray for them, may they all
be comforted by your Holy Spirit.
Hear our prayers, O Holy One.

And most of all, we thank those who have found true soulmates,
having discovered that their love for one another, merges in love
for you. We pray for the good work they do in manifesting the
Beloved Community, as foreseen by Jesus Christ.
We thank you for hearing these praises and petitions. In Jesus’
name. Amen.