O God, our Strength, we give thanks for your church that turns our weakness into strength. We ask that our church leaders inspire us to be your faithful servants in this temporal world. O God, our Strength. We praise you for your power.

O God, our Shield, we give thanks for these United States as we celebrate Independence Day weekend. We ask that our leaders recognize the wisdom and sacrifices of those that came before them and strive to do what is right and just for this country and its citizens. O God, our Shield. We praise you for your protection

O God, our Comfort, we give thanks for this earth and all inhabitants. We ask that those suffering in war, other violence, or natural disaster, find solace in your comforting grace. O God, our Comfort. We praise you for your solace.

O God, our Inspiration, we give thanks for this Orcas Island community and your Emmanuel church family especially those first responders on the island that protect us despite turmoil and to both presenters and attendees of the recent end of life legacy workshop. O God, our Inspiration. We praise you for your renewal.

O God, our Life, we give thanks for this temporal life. We pray for all who suffer in body, mind or spirit, from addiction, unemployment, mental illness or homelessness, particularly those we now name either silently or aloud, (pause) and especially for those on our parish prayer list… as well as those for whom no one prays; may they be comforted by your Holy Spirit. O God, our Life. We praise you for your grace.

O God, of all, we give thanks for the lives of those near death, their caregivers and those who have died. We ask that they and we be reminded that you are our God for ever and ever and will be our guide for evermore. O God, of all. We praise you for your love.