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Prayers of the People November 19

 Lector:  Dearest Mother, Father, God of all. You are the Alpha and Omega. We come to you in prayer, for all the world, as we are all one people under you, God. We come to you, Lord, for our strength. We pray for the power of your peace throughout your churches and our nation, Lord, […]

Prayers of the People, Nobember 12

by Prayers of the People Team

Father, Mother Lord, our earth is in peril to greed, violence and hatred. Our sins and omissions herald our destruction. Turn us around, Lord. Teach us to care for the earth as a mother, and for each other as sisters and brothers in love. In Christ we pray. Father, Mother Lord, the mission of your […]

Prayers of the People October 29

by SKM

Lector: Oh holy Creator, in your wisdom help us to be open to all possible expressions of your love through the gifts of faith, hope, and charity. Let us receive with open hearts the healing balm of Gilead that is here for all who seek it. All: May we take refuge in you and be […]

Prayers of the People

by Prayers of the People Team

Dear Lord, Mother, Father, God, You are the Alpha and Omega of our lives. In this time of our deep concern for the world, we pray. Teach us to boldly follow the example of Jesus, our savior. You are my God. My time is in your hands. Lead me to use it in service. We […]

Prayers of the People, October 15

by Prayers of the People Team

Lector: Generous Lord, we are deeply moved by the promise of your goodness and mercy, by your promise that you hear our prayers, and by your invitation to the wedding banquet, where everything is ready. Lord, Hear our prayer of gratitude. Wisdom Lord, we hear you when you ask us to think on whatever is […]

Prayers of the People September 17

by Prayers of the People Team

Lector:  Dearest Lord, you ask us to be an image of you, crowning us with mercy and loving-kindness.  Help us to live in abundant love for our neighbors, near and far. In Christ, we pray. Dearest Lord, you remind us to welcome the weak in faith, but not for the purpose of arguing.   Help […]

Prayers of the People, September 10

by Prayers of the People Team

Eternal God, inspire the leaders of your church to teach us the way of your statutes and give us understanding to keep your law so we may help fulfil your mission. We know Lord that when we gather in your name, you are amongst us. Eternal God, grant the leaders of these United States, the […]

Prayers of the People, September 3

by Prayers of the People Team

  Presider:  In gratitude for your divine guidance, Beloved Creator of all that is, we come before you now and ask that peace and wisdom fill our hearts just as your radiant being overwhelmed the disciples so many years ago.    Lord hear our prayer. Lector: Help us to know the best ways to help others; […]

Prayers of the People August 27

by Prayers of the People Team

from The Collegeville Prayer of the Faithful – Years A,B,C   Presider: The love of the Lord is eternal. Let us ask the Lord to give us and all people whatever is for our good. Lector: That the Lord will show great kindness to the leaders of the church, and sustain them in their call […]

Prayers of the People, August 20

by Prayers of the People Team

Precious Lord, what you ask of us is clear — maintain justice and do what is right. Let your ways be known upon earth, your saving health among all nations. Dearest Lord, we pray. Precious Lord, we trust that your gifts are irrevocable. Guide us, your church, to love you with all our hearts, souls […]